Weekend Fun

By Green River Preserve

It was an eventful day for staff this weekend!

Tom Heck came to visit counselors and mentors to teach all of us about the importance of play when learning new things. The staff was able to interpret Heck’s teaching methods in positive ways in order to help our campers learn here at camp.

Shortly after the staff received another visit from Dr. Ora Wells! He helped the counselors learn how to give an EPI shot in the incident that a camper goes into an anaphylactic shock. We enjoy his teaching as well as his humor!

On tonights menu…spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and TWINS!
The staff went all out for TWINNER and it was a grand thing to see!

Our senior mentors came for a weekend visit to take all of us on hikes around the preserve and drop some knowledge on us about nature!
It was fascinating and always wonderful to see all of them.