Welcome, Case… and Moose!

By Sandy Schenck

case_sm (1)Case Kennedy is a Colorado native and a graduate from Colorado State University. She also studied in Alaska.  Case has worked in the outdoor industry and ski/snowboard industry for the past 7 years and spent summers as a river guide on the Colorado River. (Fun fact – She helped pay for college by teaching Art Therapy to Alzheimer Patients.) She loves to snowboard, raft, hike with her chocolate Labrador, Moose and share her love of the great outdoors with others! She started at GRP as a mentor and is really excited about her new position as Summer Camp Director!

(And since the campers love Moose so much, we thought we would include a bio for him as well.)

Moose is a rescue dog from Crawford, Colorado. He is an amateur trained water rescue dog but enjoys his job as an over-sized lap dog much more. Fun fact about Moose – he has modeled in a couple outdoor company ads. He has a wandering attention span and feet and often campers will hear the warning that “The Moose is Loose!”.  Moose is ecstatic to be at Green River Preserve because he loves children and all their attention more then anything!