Welcome to our Session 2 Campers!

By Sandy Schenck

What a terrific Opening Day for Session 2!  We were so excited this morning to see so many returning and new faces!  Once campers arrived, staff helped them unload their belongings and settle into their cabins, meeting and greeting their bunkmates for the next two weeks.  Once they said their goodbye’s to family and friends, campers toured camp, seeing sights old and new.  Pretty soon they were ready for lunch—pizza, salad bar, peaches, and of course, pb & j was available—they were hungry, and that pizza disappeared fast!

After lunch, we headed down to the Gazebo for the Respect Circle, an Opening Day tradition at the GRP.  Sandy Schenck, founder of the camp, tells us a little bit about his childhood on this land and the friendships he made with the people who lived here.  He asks us all to agree to respect ourselves, each other, and all living things while we are here, and we go around in a circle, each vocalizing our agreement— “I will!”  Sandy’s stories are always entertaining, and they usually also illustrate GRP values, like respect for others.

After the Respect Circle, campers headed up to the Lodge, where staff entertained and informed them with skits about the activities they might take over the next couple of weeks, like fly-fishing, fly-tying, dance, knitting, archery, climbing, and guitar….  Campers then signed up for activities, and headed down to the Swim Lake, where they learned about waterfront procedures and went through a swim review. These afternoon activities prepare us for two weeks of fun, safe learning.

After dinner—fried chicken, green beans, salad bar, mashed potatoes, rolls, and chocolate cake—and there are also always vegetarian options—campers played an energetic game of Capture the Flag.  Campers and staff were spread across the West Field, dressed in light or dark clothing, many with face paint on!  Capture the Flag is definitely a camp favorite.

After Capture the Flag, everyone headed off to bed; they’ll need their rest for mentor hikes and activities tomorrow.  You can check out pictures from today here—we got most of the cabin photos taken (and we’ll finish them in the next few days).  And stay tuned for more updates throughout the session!