Western havin' a ball!

By Anne Mead

Everyone had a great time exploring Chaco canyon, it was cloudy and cool, the perfect weather for hiking. The second day the group did The Big Loop, during this hike they saw two houses, and some colored lizards. They also got to see and explore Pleublo Bonito, the largest house in Chaco National Park, the group had such an amazing time.

Once the group finished up with Chaco canyon they moved right into planning for their next adventure. This was done by and wild and crazy trip to the supermarket where the group was able to plan the rest of their meals. After preparation was complete, the group drove to Silverton. When they got there, the crew enjoyed a relaxing afternoon by Little Molas lake. When they finished up swimming they moved into setting up camp by south mineral next to the creek. It was a beautiful campsite. Everyone in western is so excited for the adventures to come and can’t wait to hike the Anvil loop in Soda Gulch.