What a day!

By Sandy Schenck

The three-weekers rose before dawn so that they could travel to Pretty Place (Camp Greenville, SC) to view the spectacular sunrise. They ate a small breakfast then returned to camp to sleep a little more.

The mini-campers went on their last mentor hikes. Some of the campers from the Hemlock Fields group slid down Bloody Knee Rock and re-enacted a story from Alfred Heatherley’s (long-time Green River Valley resident) childhood. According to Mentor Jeff, he had a group of heroic hikers because they hiked from Upper Bald to Lower Bald. They also saw a walking stick insect while looking for bear scratches on trees.

The last group went to Uncle’s Falls in the company of three dogs (Moose, Bear, Irie) which you know the children enjoyed. For some reason, according to Mentor Case, a few of the campers were a little slow. The reason? Because they were looking at a COPPERHEAD! You know what that means – GRAND SLAM!! When the news was announced after lunch, everybody cheered. Now I know they heard us in the next county this time!

After lunch and rest hour the three-weekers went on “solo sits” where they reflected about their time here at GRP with a talking stick ceremony afterwards. The mini-campers completed their last day of afternoon activities – arts and crafts, outdoor skills at the pioneer cabin, and climbing.

Tonight was also the closing banquet where the campers enjoyed a delicious meal of turkey, stuffing, rice and gravy, green peas, cranberry sauce, rolls, salad bar, and the all-you-can-eat ice cream bar to celebrate the Grand Slam.

Later in the evening the campers started off at the lower council fire where the Blue Ridge Expeditioners shared a little about their experiences and then they walked up to the upper council fire, past the old spirit stones, to present their own spirit stones. Chief Seattle’s Letter was read again by Sandy. Then each group of campers walked to the canoe lake for the candleboat ceremony. Oh, and yes, a small fireworks display was also part of the busy evening!

What a day!