What GRP means To Me

By Sara Huffman

To me, GRP means family. New and old coming together in a place that is so amazingly wonderful it takes your breath away. It mean kindness and understanding, patience and fortitude. GRP mean acceptance and no judgement, a place where one can really find themselves. GRP has changed my life. The kids have changed my life, and my coworkers who have become family, have most definitely changed my life.

I remember driving into the backfield entrance that first day of staff training, in awe of the beauty this place holds, nervous, excited and anxious to see what this summer had in store for me. I had no idea this place would change my life the way it did. It’s a place unlike any other, that instant feeling of “Home”. I have been a few places here and there searching for that next “home” feeling, and no other place besides my small town in Kansas felt like home until I stepped out of my car onto GRP ground. Where strangers became family in a matter of three days, and those people will be in my life until I’m old and gray :)

Where I learned more from the kids that entered my life this summer, than any teacher I have encountered in my 26 years of being. They taught me how to slow down, and appreciate the small things in life that matter most, they taught me that true friendship is waiting until all your friends are at the dinner table before eating, and that a simple smile and wave can brighten any gloomy day. Most importantly, these kids that came to GRP taught me how to love life and everything it has to offer more than I ever imagined possible. Each and every one of the kids have left a handprint on my heart, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason I searched for camps in NC to work at, there was a definite reason why I applied to GRP over 800 miles away. And thankfully there was a reason I was hired. Once again I can not express how much this place has changed my life, there will forever be a part of me that will always stay at Green River Preserve, and for that I thank everyone who has made this place so wonderful for me. So, until next summer!

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K