What is leadership?

By Anne Mead

During our time at TBX, we focused on what leadership means to us. Many people had different ideas. Many people’s opinions changed as the last few weeks went by. In the end we decided that is was both simple and complicated. This is because it is a trait that needs to be practiced in order to achieve proficiency. In saying this we have also agreed on some innate traits that good leaders share. We came to the agreement that one of the main skills that is necessary is the idea of making sure everyone feels valued and useful.

Our first week here we learned that there are many different leadership styles and that a good leader knows how to use all of them. Though group discussion and scenarios. We learned how to best lead campers to make good life choices. We honed in our leadership skills. We added many tools to our leadership toolbox. Everyone feels ready to put their new skills to work while in a cabin acting as a third cabin counselor. And can’t wait to lead activates around camp.