What makes summers at GRP?

By Sandy Schenck

Written by Missy Schenck

What makes summers at GRP?
Long unforgettable days, sunsets at Long Rock, council fires, Chief Seattle’s letter, sand paintings… The Woodcraft Laws… Love, Truth, Beauty, Fortitude…

Mentor hikes, the buses, mentor reports…
Hemlock Field, Peggy’s Rock, Indian Cave, Uncle’s Creek, Upper Bald, Lower Bald, Big Laurel, Reasonover, Prayer Rock, Pine Barrens, Bear Trail, The Spire, DuPont… Polar Bears, Grand Slams… “…hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver man…”

Camp Characters
Ortman and Scrappy… ort reports… Coolsville and Danger Zone… Ort Mystery Theatre…
The Cabin Fairy and Lars… “Cabin inspections are the best…”
Dr. Dodo and Mr. Coolsville… “The bird of the day”
The Word of the Day

Girlsville and Boysville
One weekers, two weekers, three weekers, expeditioners, cocos, counselors, mentors, activity coordinators, interns, BRX & OBX leaders, Table setters, blessings… “remember the compost”

Sisters, brothers… let me tell you how I am feeling,
You have given me such treasures… I love you so

S’mores and pita pizzas, chocolate chip pancakes, PBJ Bagels, blue ghost fireflies, jack-o-lanterns, backpacks, tarps, stoves, fuel, 9:00 check-ins… thunder, lightening, rain, Hemlock Field Rendevous… “Down by the Green River where paradise lay…”

Activities, Evening Programs, GLPs
The climbing tower, zip line, canoeing, The Pioneer Cabin, new chickens, mother hen Meg… Pottery, painting, crafts, swimming, fly fishing, woodworking, fencing, archery, BB Skeet, juggling, field games, creative writing, dance, drumming, guitar, outdoor skills, knitting, ultimate, tipi

Variety shows, predator prey, the Shindig, cabin night, staff hunt, Pirate Night, Twinner Night, Capture the Flag, council fires, Starr stories, Bentor songs.. “mud between your toes…”
Guitars, mandolins, flutes, drums, banjos, ukuleles, harmonicas… “the earth, the wind, the fire, the water…”

Flat Rock Playhouse, Carl Sandburg House, Rainbow Falls, Sky Valley Horseback riding, Pisgah Fish Hatcher, Sweat Lodges, Pioneer Days, The Farm, Big Bradley’s, Maybin Mountain, Raider’s Rock, Native American flutes, basket weaving, murals, raku firing, homemade ice cream!!

Fun friends… great times
A refreshed attitude that stays long after the season ends…
“The sun and the rain and the GRP…”

Thank you campers and staff for a great 2011 summer!
Lots of love and hugs,
Missy, Sandy and the GRP Staff