What up with Blue Ridge?

By Anne Mead

Everyone at BRX is having a blast! The first day started out with group games to help facilitate team building after which they moved into understanding the basics of climbing by tackling the climbing tower at Base Camp.

After that, everyone went back to Reasonover to prepare for a one-night backpacking trip.
The gang arrived at Pisgah and hit the ground hiking. During this time the team learned how to use a Whisperlite stove, throw a bear hang, and set up a tarp shelter! All of this was great preparation for the 5 day backpacking trip later in the session, which everyone is pumped about.
When morning hit, all of the Expeditioners walked over to the climbing area, minutes away from the campsite! Everyone challenged themselves and made it to the top of at least one climb. When asked about what they liked best about climbing, one participant replied “pushing myself and realizing that I can do things that I might feel nervous about” and another responded “I felt successful after reaching a goal that I set for myself.” After climbing the group cooled off in a waterfall, they
swam, found crawfish, and had a stone skipping contest.

When the Expeditioners returned to base camp they made dinner which consisted of hamburgers with all of the fixens‘ and ate them while listening to some amazing music. After that Jonathan and Phil, two renowned camp musicians taught.