Where is the Time Going?

By Sara Huffman

As the morning bell rang, I made my way up to the lodge, excited to see the kids and eager to see what the breakfast was going to be (because everyone knows it’s the most important meal of the day.)  As I sat down with one of my cabins, we talked about what everyone was looking forward to today.  As usual, mentor hikes and lunch were the top responses.  

I joined Hawk’s mentor hike today as he took us on an adventure through the woods to Turkey Field.  Along the way we talked about a plethora of plants, mushrooms, Native American burials and their traditions.  Needless to say, it was a very educational experience for me as well as the kids.  It was very awesome to hear the kids talk about what they have learned while being here at GRP.



I am also very impressed by how the campers have yet to get discouraged by all the rain we have been receiving.  Smiles are passed around from camper to camper as they enjoy every opportunity to be together.  Where is the time going?  It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming everyone into GRP, and now I can’t imagine having to give them back, goodness they rock! 

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K