Where's a photo of my camper?

By Sandy Schenck

An excerpt from an email sent to camper parents after Session 2/3 opening day:

Our focus at camp is to ensure campers are safe, happy, and learning. We use multiple outlets of media to make parents aware of what is going on at camp (Facebook, Twitter, and our Newsletter). It may not be pictures every day, but a post to our blog or a tweet! We have found that many of the campers do not like having their picture taken, and often a camera disrupts the mentors and counselors while they are leading hikes and teaching activities.

We will try our best to post pictures frequently, but the fun of camp sometimes takes us away from the computer! A newsletter with stories about camp will be published twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. To see pictures of camp or to read our newsletter, please log into your CampIn Touch account. In the Online Community section, click on photos link or newsletter link. Also, please look at our social media outlets for tidbits of camp: Facebook and Twitter.

Please know that your campers are having a WONDERFUL time here at camp!