Why We Love GRP

By Green River Preserve

Our final GLP day was absolutely spectacular. We learned how to build forts in the woods and about Appalachian music, ate more blueberries than imaginable, relaxed in a spa day, and much more.

Mentors and counselors work long and hard to prepare these fun-filled days for the campers. One of the many reasons I love GLP days is because they are unique to GRP. They provide campers with the opportunity to spend an entire day learning about something that they have genuine interest in. Because campers rank their GLP choices, they will almost surely end up in an GLP that seems like the BEST THING EVER to them. It also provides a break from the everyday routine of camp, providing a refreshing twist to camp life.

GLP days are one of my favorite aspects of GRP’s culture, among many others. As a first year GRP-er, I am brand new to the Preserve’s workings and wonders. As a previous staff member at other summer camps, I can say with complete confidence that GRP is a shining star. It’s foundation in the Woodcraft Laws, respectful environment (including the “No-Discount Zone”), genuine care for campers, and focus on environmental education and personal growth complete a well-rounded summer camp experience unlikely to be found elsewhere. I knew after just a couple of weeks that I would be sad to leave come August!

GRP is a place that deserves to be truly cherished, and I’m sure your camper is aware of this. I hope you are as well!

Seek the joy,

Carolyn /// ATI1