Hi, I'm Herbie!

Senior Mentor

Herb is an educator, farmer, and primitive skills practitioner who has lived in the Appalachian Mountains for 40 years. He and his family live close to the land — through crafting, farming, foraging wild foods, heating their home with wood and sun, and acting with others as stewards of 1,200 acres of Blue Ridge Mountain land – the Celo Community Land Trust. Herb has worked with kids all his adult life and has been working at Green River Preserve since the 1990s. He joined us for the first year of our Little Tree program, which is now called the School of Environmental Education. He has also directed our Outer Banks Expeditions, Wilderness Arts Expeditions, and Blue Ridge Expeditions. Herb loves to sing and especially loves the joy of dancing to the rhythm of the drums. He has traveled the country and the world as a trainer for Listening Projects – a communication and community organizing program that has helped hundreds of communities overcome serious problems and conflicts.