Hi, I'm Isaac!


I am currently studying animation at University North Carolina School of the Arts. I attended Green River Preserve for four summers, and I am overjoyed at the opportunity to return as a counselor for a second year. Having been a former GRP camper the prospect of providing others with an experience similar to my own is very exciting.

I have lived in North Carolina since the age of two and have very much enjoyed the marvelous hiking and camping which I was fortunate to live within such close proximity. I grew up in Waynesville, a thirty minute drive from Asheville, where I attended elementary through high school. I have always loved hiking as well as exploration and observation of the beautiful flora, fauna, and landscapes where I grew up. My time spent at GRP only further reinforced these ideas and helped with my understanding of the natural world. In a field which is almost entirely spent indoors, I cherish every opportunity I have to spend time outdoors.