Hi, I'm Janara!


Janara came from a family of outdoorspeople – her parents met while working at Green Chimneys in upstate NY. She was raised in the outdoors, hiking, foraging, gardening, camping, sailing, and paddling. She’s continued to deepen her connection with nature throughout her life, and was amazed to find out that this could be an actual job. She has delighted in taking people on adventures in the wilderness for nearly 20 years. Since accidentally moving to NC six years ago, Janara has nearly completed her North Carolina Environmental Educator certification, the Art of Mentoring program, and many other adventures besides. She has worked with the Piedmont Wildlife Center, the Center for Human-Earth Restoration, and the City of Cary. She’s also taught for the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering and the Womens Wilderness Workshops – the southeast’s first earth skills rendezvous just for women! This will be Janara’s second year with GRP, and she is so excited to rejoin the community and share music, story and songs around the campfire. Janara loves archery, backpacking, paddling, and Yoga. She is a veteran of the Colorado Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Appalachian Trail.