Hi, I'm Sean!

Expedition Leader

Sean Michael Botzenhart is very proud and excited to be returning to Green River Preserve for the Summer of 2017 as an Outer Banks Expedition Leader. Last year, his first year joining the camp as a Counselor, he became enamored with GRP. “The sense of community wasn’t like anything I had experienced anywhere else before. The environment made me a better person and a better worker. It helped me utilize and strengthen some of my best qualities.” He wanted to come back so he could learn and share even more with the people at GRP. From the staff to the kids, new-comers and veterans of the camp, and everyone in between. Sean is a recent graduate from Southwestern Community College (Sylva, NC) with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Outdoor Leadership. He is also a Graduate of Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, NC) where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Television Production with a concentration in Documentary Film Making. His passions in life are interacting with people, adventure, and capturing all the great moments these things so often bring with them. Oh, and running… He loves running! His favorite part is the head space he finds himself. “My mind shuts off for a bit, all my worries and stresses fade away, I can just relax.” Besides doing it to unwind or start his day off right, He also frequents various running endurance competitions. He doesn’t do it to win but, for the sense of accomplishment. It helps motivate him to push himself further in other areas of his life. Sean is a strong believer in pursuing what is true to your being. “You don’t have to go out of your way to make the world a better place if you are doing what you love in life. If you are doing what truly makes you happy then the rest just kind of falls in place.”