Outreach Environmental Education

Green River Preserve’s Sustainable Farm

Rachel with sunflowers



Green River Preserve maintains a full working farm for use by the summer camp and for community outreach. Produce generated from the farm is used in our farm to table program at camp and for our school programs. During the spring and fall of the farm season, area schools have the opportunity to plan field trips to the Green River Preserve Farm for our KALE program.


KALE, Kid’s Agricultural Learning Experience, is a hands-on, agricultural-based learning program aligned with the North Carolina State Standards for Education. Located on the Green River Preserve Farm, KALE invites youth grades 5K – 12 to come get their hands dirty while learning about the world around them. Schools interested in planning a day at the Green River Preserve farm should contact the camp office at 828-698-8828 or email our farm manager: Rachel@greenriverpreserve.org.

Directions to KALE:

Please use the address 6371 Green River Road, Zirconia, NC 28790.

Do not use the summer camp directions as they will take you to GRP’s summer camp facility which is not where KALE takes place.

KALE’s TINY CAMP on Wheels

Government cuts and funding for school programs continue to play havoc with children’s options of playing outside and connecting to nature.  If the children can’t come to us, then we will go to them.   KALE’s TINY CAMP is Green River Preserve’s newest program in Environmental and Experiential Education and it is really exciting. 

Green River Preserve has partnered with Tumbleweed’s Tiny Houses in plan designs and trailer construction. Made from materials harvested from the Preserve, Tiny Camp will resemble a GRP camper cabin. We are so excited about building it. Green River Preserve’s Tiny Camp will be equipped with exhibits, lesson plans, games, and camp activities that meet the state school standards of North Carolina.

Green River Preserve will be traveling with the Tiny House to present KALE to schools in the southeast region of the United States. We are happy to help with meeting your state standards.

Young Naturalists Backpack Program

Created in 2012, Green River Preserve’s Young Naturalists Backpack Program, is an environmental education outreach program in partnership with the Hendersonville County Library. Green River Preserve created young naturalists backpacks equipped with a take away interactive naturalist’s journal and naturalists tools such as binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a bug box for young people to check out of the library and keep for up to two weeks. This allows young people the opportunity to discover and explore the outside world through the interactive naturalist’s journal and to connect with nature. This program is maintained through our AmeriCorps Internship program with Project Conserve and Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.