A Typical Day at GRP

7:20 AM: Wake Up Bell

Help your campers get up on the right side of the bed and to breakfast on time.

7:50 AM

Breakfast time!

8:40 AM: Cabin Clean Up

Tidy your cabin so the Cabin Fairy may award you the cleanest cabin award! Assist your campers in packing for their daily Mentor Hikes.

9:15 AM

Mentor Hike staff

Campers and staff depart for daily Mentor Hikes. Each morning counselors are assigned and rotate through mentor hikes, the farm, camp projects, or a free morning.

12:30 PM

Lunch time!

1:30 PM: Rest Hour

A counselor’s favorite time of day!

2:30 PM – 4:15 PM: Activities Periods 1 – 3
staff feature 2



Counselors are assigned to different activities depending on their skills and preferences.  Each counselor will either lead or assist in one or more of GRP’s 20+ activities.

5:10 PM: Free Time  

Campers enjoy free swim, fly fishing, field games, quiet reading, camp store, or board games.  Staff is assigned and rotates through different free time areas each day.  Staff also attend weekly staff meetings when not assigned to free time coverage.

6:00 PM: Cabin Time  

Counselors check in with their campers, monitor shower time, or facilitate a quiet time.  If a themed dinner is planned, counselors assist campers in preparing for it.  Remember to bring your favorite pirate digs and best tacky party shirt!

6:30 PM    

Dinner time!


7:30 PM: Evening Programs

One of the highlights of the camp day and a great way to bring the entire camp community together in a community-wide activity. Be sure to bring your running shoes for predator prey, capture the flag, or staff hunts.  Creativity abounds when planning for the variety show, contra dances, or council fires.  Costumes and musical instruments are welcome at camp!

9:00 PM: Cabin Time 

Remind your campers to brush their pearly whites and shower if they did not have time earlier.

9:15 PM: Rose, Bud, Thorn

This is the GRP way of putting closure to a fun camp day.  A camper’s rose is their highlight of the day; their bud is what they are looking forward to tomorrow and their thorn is their least favorite time of the camp day. It is a wonderful way for your cabin family to share with each other and say good-night.

9:30 PM: Tuck in

Early to bed, early to rise!