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Hike to Balds

Why is working at Green River Preserve different from working at other camps?

GRP has a unique community of bright, curious, and creative staff and campers.  At Green River Preserve, campers and staff are their “Best me at GRP!”   

Each camper cabin has 2 counselors and up to 7 campers per camp session.  Our 3 to 1 camper to staff ratio provides counselors with the opportunity to truly mentor their campers.

Mentor Hikes

Each morning, campers explore waterfalls, caves, and forests throughout the 3,400 acres of the preserve with a professional naturalist. Counselors rotate through accompanying hikes and are encouraged to grow and share their naturalist knowledge on these ventures.

Group Learning Projects

During our 2 and 3 week sessions campers are able to build on the skills they have learned at camp as well as explore some of their interests in a more in-depth way through Group  Learning Projects (GLPs).  GLPs are day-long special projects, endeavors, or adventures created by our staff. GLPs change from year to year.  Some previous GLP days include the following: climbing at the Balds, geocaching, experimenting in a Science Fair, fly fishing the Green River, hiking in Dupont State Forest, experiencing a musical theatre workshop at the Flat Rock Playhouse, creative writing at the Carl Sandburg house, making pioneer crafts, bamboo flutes, or leather journals, collecting native plants and vines to weave baskets, painting murals or buses, and many more!


During the 2 and 3 week sessions, each brother and sister cabin group is led by the counselors on a two night, three day campout. Counselors assist campers in packing their pack with their gear and supplies and head out to Green River’s various campsites.  GRP is a Leave No Trace partner.  Counselors teach their campers the low impact camping ethics of this program and the joys of being outside amongst friends.

Opening and Closing Campfires

These campfires are reverent times for GRP and are held on opening and closing nights of camp sessions at the Upper Council Fire.  Campers enjoy the company of their camp friends and learn about time-honored Green River Preserve camp traditions including Chief Seattle’s letter, the Woodcraft Laws, camp songs, and staff stories and readings.

Professional Development

Our staff are youth development professionals and training is provided throughout the summer to continue to foster growth and skill development. All staff experience coaching sessions with camp administration to communicate any feedback regarding work performance, professional and personal goals, and areas of strength and improvements. Staff members at GRP are charged with the responsibility of carrying out an incredibly powerful and meaningful experience and the camp administration strives to help staff members articulate and explain the impact and process of camp as they go forward beyond their employment at GRP.


Camp Community

The GRP staff is a family built on a foundation of respect. All camp staff sign a Staff Covenant that acts as the moral compass and code of conduct for employees. We are a tight-knit, unique, and vibrant community that values conservation, communication, maturity, creativity, perseverance, initiative, responsibility, equality, compassion, and living simply.