An OBX Update

By Anne Mead

While Basecampers are enjoying GLPs these days in Western NC, Outer Banks Expeditioners have been enjoying themselves on the water out east.

This past Tuesday, the OBX crew went kayaking after a few storms passed and bonded a lot over some team building activities. The weather cleared up for them at night, so they went fishing, using cast nets to catch large blue crabs, shrimp, a small sheepshead, and baitfish. Wednesday ended up being a beautiful day. OBXers kayaked down river about four miles before going to Fort Macon to learn about local history. They enjoyed a dinner of burgers and watched a sunset on the river while fishing and using the cast net.

On Thursday, they packed for an overnighter, drove to a National Forest and had a late afternoon paddle where they heard woodpeckers and owls, saw spider webs bigger than them, and observed the changes in the river over time. They finished up the night with quesadillas and a campfire. On Friday, they woke up at 4:15 a.m. to go out on a sunrise paddle. They were on the water by 5:15 just when the sun was coming up and paddled 7.5 miles before 8:30. Along the way, they saw an alligator across the river in the roots of an old tree, saw two turkeys fly across the river and land in a nearby tree, and heard a lot of birds wake up and start the morning chorus. They watched the sun come up and change the colors of the sky from dark blue to a deep blue with pink clouds. It turned into a bright and beautiful day of light blue skies. They then enjoyed a long rest hour and went swimming in the afternoon.

On Friday, they were expecting some stormy weather but were planning on enjoying a morning at the beach if the weather cooperated with their plans. They were hoping to see some dolphins or an osprey to see another Grand Slaminal. More updates to come as we hear back from OBX leaders!
-Karin Perk, Climbing Coordinator and Expeditions Intern