BRX 3 is flying high!

By Anne Mead

The group is doing well. On Sunday, after a delicious lunch of sandwiches, the group moved right into team building and establishing group norms. This is a vital part of building a strong community and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This is also a time for goal setting and expectations. Everyone also took this time to settle in and get used to the schedule of BRX.

On Monday the gang moved right into practicing their climbing skills at Base camp. Everyone made it to the top of the climbing tower! On top of that everyone learned how to belay. Climbing was a really cool experience because everyone got to not only push their limits physically but also learn how to trust their team. This was really good practice for the climbing trip to come.
Monday afternoon the group loaded up into a van and drove to Pisgah. Everyone backpacked in and set up camp about 10 minutes away from Slate Rock Creak. The gang learned how to use a stove as well as set up a tarp. This was all really good practice for their 4 night backpacking trip that they will go on later on in the session. Everyone had a really warm, dry night. In the morning the group woke up and prepared for their day of climbing. They hiked to Pilot rock. First everyone worked on his or her technique for climbing on slab. Then they jumped into climbing. Everyone pushed their limits and made to the top of at least one of the three climbs! So many people were excited that they actually got to climb on real rock.

Once everyone finished up climbing lunch was served! The group loved the classic cheese and summer sausage wrap. After packing up camp the crew started their hike out. During this time they decided to stop for a swim under a waterfall. Once they got back to Reasonover base camp they were joined by Jonathan and Phil, two renowned camp musicians for dinner. Everyone enjoyed their hamburger and cant wait for many more adventures to come!