BRX: Waterfalls, Sunsets, Bears, Oh My!

By Anne Mead

BRX has had an incredible journey on the trail. They have eaten well, seen many sunsets, and even had the joy of a bear venturing through their campsite one night (No need to worry Mom and Dad, everyone is safe) .

Yesterday was one of their longest and most challenging days on the trail. They hiked 8.5 miles, up and over many ridges. The ended however at the incredible Douglass Waterfall. Not only did the group play and enjoy the pristine water, they also got the extra special treat of being able to sleep behind the falls. What an experience! Tonight is their final night of this 7 day journey. They plan to wake early for sunrise, and then hit the trail to head back to Reasonover basecamp. We are excited to see the BRX’ers and hear more about their adventure.