Getting Outdoors

By Green River Preserve

When a child can find happiness outside the realm of electronics and up-to-date technology, it is a rare and beautiful occurrence. At Green River Preserve, our campers get to enjoy life, detached from social media, video games and television. In an era of binge watching, high-definition gaming and social media outlets, like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s seemingly becoming harder to get outdoors and experience the real world. It’s hard to believe there was ever a time without Smartphones attached to our hips.

I think the best thing we can do for the youth of our planet is to teach them of the true wonders that exist, if we’re willing to get outdoors and explore. There is an endless adventure awaiting each and every one of us. We need only take the first step to lead us on journeys that, maybe once, we thought were too big. Perhaps if we instill the idea that nothing is impossible and this earth is worth fighting for, we can all hope to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the unknown magnificence of the seas and the warm embrace of the untouched woodlands. What happens at GRP does not stay at GRP. Our campers learn vital tools in understanding the means to live an environmentally friendly existence. With the help of Mentors, Counselors and the entire GRP staff, our campers are ready to go out into the world and spread their love and profound knowledge of nature and all that goes along with living as responsible, forward-thinking individuals.

Story and Photos by Brandon S. Marshall