More Words from TBXers

By Anne Mead

“A buzz of energy hung over the field as groups packed for Campout. We set out near midday for our campsite at South Prong and made good pace. Once camp was set up, we started exploring the nearby creek. Crayfish and tiny trout that still had parr marks were found everywhere and the cool mountain water refreshed us for tomorrow’s journey. That night, I slept under the stars. In the morning, we made breakfast and broke camp. Our first steps were on switchbacks made by TBX this year. Hiking that day was fast and hard. Steep uphills, water crossings, and a fantastic pace kept us busy until we made it to Peggy’s Rock. Suddenly, a crack of thunder, a whistling wind, and the darkened skies pushed us back into our shelter. Quickly, we use tarps to close the open walls of the shelter to keep us dry as the storm passed over. As skies cleared, we emerged like mice after a harsh winter, checked the clouds and decided to make dinner and settle down with some s’moreos. S’moreos, to those who haven’t experienced them, are two Oreos and a roasted marshmallow made into a heavenly sandwich. After that, we slept. I didn’t take chances that night and slept in the shelter with a roof over me. The next morning, we were slow to rouse and had a nice downhill hike back to Base Camp and, more importantly, showers. So ends the tale of our journey, one of exploration, friendship, and excitement due to a little weather.”
-Anonymous 2017 TBXer

Another TBXer reports that the group members have been enjoying themselves and learning a lot doing trail work out in the Preserve. He shared that the day the group spent at the GRP Farm was incredible and that the pizzas they got to cook there using farm produce were delicious. The group loved spending quality time with Farmers Phil and Rachel.

TBXers have been diligently helping their assigned cabins throughout the day, joining them at meals and being present in the cabins for Rose Bud Thorn before going back to their shelters for the night. While campers are out on Mentor Hikes each morning, TBXers have either been working on trails around the Preserve, undergoing leadership training with their Expedition leaders, or sometimes joining the Mentor Hikes to help lead those. Currently, they are bonding and sweating it out in a sweat lodge that they built out at BRX’s Base Camp while BRX is out backpacking. TBX will get to spend tomorrow morning climbing on the tower before rejoining their cabins for lunch.
-Karin Perk, Climbing Coordinator and Expeditions Intern