OBX is having a Ball!

By Anne Mead

Everything on the Outer Banks is going swell, the gang is so excited to learn all about sea kayaking. During the day wet exists were practiced. A wet exit happens when the kayak tips over into the water and the person must exit into the water.

Part of what makes this so difficult is the fact that the participant has to rip off the skirt so the person can simply swim away. Everyone was able to do this swimmingly and had a blast! After everyone mastered the wet exit the group started learning paddling techniques. Once both of these skills were learned the group went on a small paddling trip up the river.

Dinner was a smorgasbord of hamburgers and hotdogs. After dinner, the group moved into relaxing and watching sunset. The group also celebrated the first day of summer by looking at the strawberry moon.

The next morning the group woke up and immediately started paddling up to Hunter’s creek. This was intertwined with many more team-building actives. The group also took a minute to relax as Eva taught a yoga class.