OBX1- Things are going Swimmingly!

By Anne Mead

OBX 1 opened this past Saturday with an all male (plus 2 female leaders) trip. Opening day was filled with yummy food, icebreakers, swim reviews, and orientation to the expeditioners new home. Something new about OBX this year is we now have a base camp! For years, OBX has traveled from campsite to campsite. This recipe was fine and working but we had an opportunity to try something different. GRP’s main contact on the Outer Banks started building a bunkhouse several years ago. He neared completion and offered it to our OBX crew for the summer season. We have moved in for the inaugural summer and plan to use this as the OBX drop off, pick up, and transition location.  IMG_1135

Sunday, each expeditioner was issued their kayak, paddle, and lifejacket for the duration of the trip. The group worked on kayak skills and had some free time to swim.  IMG_1134Monday, they ventured out on their first paddle up Webb creek and out into the wider area of the White Oak River. They also spent the afternoon doing activities including some fishing! Monday’s evening program consisted of a fun art project. Each expeditioner was tasked with a drawing or painting of a regional plant or animal that they will teach the group. 

Today will be spent preparing for their trip to the banks. Stay tuned for more details!