Opening Day Excitement

By Green River Preserve

The heat wave of the summer struck yesterday, with temperatures in the 90s by noon. Just before campers arrived, the staff was totally prepared for the worst of it, with full water bottles and sunscreen applied to survive the greeting process without getting sunstroke. Then it happened. Azure skies turned to slate grey. Leaves began to flutter with a chill breeze on the air. A rumbling in the distance signaled a storm was brewing.

The first strike was behind the lodge; a spiny length of blue light touched down and illuminated the rapidly darkening atmosphere. The extreme heat of midday dissipated with an oncoming rumble that could mean only one thing—the storm is here. Within seconds, the volume of raindrops increased immensely, falling in buckets upon anyone caught in the open. There was a brilliant flash of whitish-blue light—POP!—lightning had struck and it was way too close for comfort. Along with one of our Mentors, I ran to the nearest shelter—which happened to be All Tucked Inn—while ushering every passing person towards shelter of any kind. The torrential downpour of the century let loose, driving folks back into their cars, the lodge or anywhere a safe haven could be found.

Luckily, it was over soon, and GRP went on with the Opening Day procedures. Rumbling continued throughout most of the day, but at a much safer distance. Later in the evening, we joined in the Back Field to head to the Upper Council Fire, where we learned of Spirit Stones, Chief Seattle’s Letter to the President of the United States, a mystical tale of a young woman and a lost realm of Colorado (which may or may not be a location in this earthly dimension, as we know it) and finally, a merriment of song and fine music. Although the day began with just a tidbit of chaos, it ended with camp filled to the brim in happiness and eagerness in anticipation of the next two weeks.

Brandon S. Marshall