River Travel and Sunset Dinners: an OBX Update

By Anne Mead

Outer Banks Expeditioners have been having a great time both on and off the water. On Wednesday, the crew enjoyed their first paddle on the river! They learned all of the different strokes and practiced their turning abilities as they traveled upstream through an obstacle course. They then spent some time exploring a fort before heading to a dock to go fishing. Blue gill and bass were caught using a cast net. The sun finally came out for them in the evening, so they watched the sunset over a dinner of grilled chicken, veggie burgers, mashed potatoes, and roasted peppers to wrap up a full day.

On Thursday, the group woke up and had a breakfast of eggs and toast before continuing up the river to their next site. Expeditioners continue to bond over team building activities and are learning more about traveling by kayak each day. More updates to come! -Karin Perk, Climbing Coordinator and Expeditions Intern