What is new with Blue Ridge Expeditions

By Anne Mead

After a successful day of climbing on Tuesday, Tojo, the expedition leader for the Trail Blazers Leadership Trip, brought the group some fresh-caught trout from a creek on the Preserve. The expeditioners also enjoyed some homemade pizza with fresh veggies, which they cooked on a cast iron skillet over an open fire. Overall, the day was a success and involved two expeditioners who belayed, Brandon and Emily. There were huge strides made in trust and bonding. Everyone climbed, and Julianne showed incredible perseverance. What a climber! After lunch, they enjoyed some relaxation by the mist of the waterfall.

For the last two days, the group has been working hard to develop their plan for the big five day overnight that starts tomorrow. As a whole, all the members worked hard to develop their Purpose for this trip, which is “finding ourselves, sightseeing, adventuring, CONQUERING SAVAGE WILDERNESS, and challenging ourselves.” They have been gathering supplies and gear, as well as developing their primitive skills. Fire by friction, partner bow drilling, knot tying, and stalking are all some of the skills they have been mastering. The expedition leaders also have the group participate in a blindfold string walk to get them comfortable with asking for help and working as a team.

During the five days, they will be traveling to Lake Jocassee in South Carolina to do some hiking and develop their primitive skills. They will start off at Auger Hole Trail and campout by the Toxaway River. The second day will kick off with a beautiful 6-mile hike and another 3-4 mile hike on the third day. On the fourth day, the expeditioners will embark on a 4-5 mile hike on the Foothills Trail. The fifth day will close out the trip with the campers ending up back at the trailhead.

The Blue Ridge Expedition trip is such a hit, and we can’t wait to get some pictures from the leaders to share with y’all!! Hang with us for just a short bit, and we promise y’all will see some pictures of you adventurous and courageous expeditioners soon!!