What's Up with Expeditions?

By Anne Mead

All four Expedition trips are currently out and about. Overall, the reports are amazing and Stephen and I are super jealous of what these teenagers have been doing. Here are a few notes and pictures from our most recent updates.

Western Expeditions

They have returned from the wilderness! The group made it out safely and is currently in route from Silverton to Ouray, where they will spend the evening soaking in the natural hot springs! The backpacking trip was overall an A+ 100%. They had to be flexible with the snow and alter their route at times, which made the experience exciting and kept them on their toes (and thankfully not knee deep in snow!) They traveled across high alpine country versus the trails a lot because of the snow. This allowed for great lessons in navigation and orienteering work. The expeditioners loved this challenge and felt very proud of their accomplishments.

Highlights for Western Expeditioners include: 3000+ feet in elevation, following animal tracks (that were later confirmed by Annie and Kate to be lama), and yummy delicious chili on a very cold night. A few mornings they did wake up to frost and ice but everyone has managed to stay warm and is completely inspired by the beautiful scenery.

Blue Ridge Expeditions

A new crop of Blue Ridge Expeditioners arrived yesterday, and the energy with this group is amazing!! Yesterday was spent doing some get-to-know-ya games and getting familiar with their new Reasonover basecamp. Along with being awesome, these BRXers can eat, too!! Last night for supper, they had a huge Mexican fiesta with chicken, quesadillas, and fresh veg. After a long day and with full bellies, the campers got cozy in their new home for the next two weeks.

This morning, due to rain, the expeditioners got to spend some time inside the Lodge at Main Camp working on the climbing elements. They also did some teambuilding games until the sun came out. With clear skies, they headed to the climbing tower and learned about tying knots, giving calls, and belaying. They also hung out at the low ropes course for a little while. Overall, this trip has started out great, and we are excited for the news of tomorrow when they get to climb on some real rocks in Saluda!

Outer Banks Expeditions

We spoke with Kelly, Lawton, and Ian today and all the expeditioners made it safely to Stella! Yesterday, the new OBXers got in some swimming and this is a strong group of paddlers! So to test them of the get go, today was there first day kayaking with a short, two hour trip. They also practiced wet exits, which were great! Everyone is very excited, and we can’t wait to see what the next few days hold!