2017 Green River Preserve Annual Fund Donors

Thank you Green River Preserve families and friends for your generous donations to the 2017 Annual Fund Campaign which officially began on November 1, 2016 and ended on October 31, 2017. Each year GRP Annual Fund gifts make up the difference in the operating budget not covered by camper tuition, including scholarships. Your gifts to GRP represent your ongoing connection with the future of a place you love.

Rhododendron $10,000 +
Missy & Sandy Schenck – Schenck Family Fund of WNC Community Foundation

Pine $5,000 – $9,999
Cedar Mountain Cafe
The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc.

Laurel $1,000 – $4,999
Georgia & William Collett
Catherine & Laurinda Schenck – Schenck Family Fund of WNC Community Foundation

Hickory $500 – $999
Nick & Jennifer Maraveyias
Chris Paul & Anna Bauer
The Mead Family
Amy & Richard Chang in honor of Maggie, Max, and Molly Chang
Rory Brodie
LB Lane Family (Landon III)

Oak $100 – $499
Anne & Ed Rosen in honor of David Rosen
Beth & Matthew Richardson in honor of Jed, James, and Raye Richardson
Jean Hix McDonald
Leila Ross
Bornwyn Llewellyn
Andrew Schmidt in honor of Sara Huffman
Katherine Harper in honor of GRP Mentors, Missy and Sandy
Gina Flynn
Sally Fry Scruggs
Merrie Koester
Lillian Lilly
Missee Fox in memory of Laurie and Alex Schenck
Ian Sanchez
John & Jill Paul
Deborah Gerhardt
Maria Rein
Tavia and Alex Bernhardt
The Domm Family
Weezie Stephenson
David and Kirby Sheridan
Chuck, Deb and Claire McDonald
Andrew L’Roe
Dane Everitt
Linda Best
Barry Taylor-Brill
Steven and Smita Sawyer
Jeffery Everitt
Lucy Brown
Teresa Carnell
Wililam and Nina Maddux
Carson Belser
Jerry and Marcy Withrow
Mario Belloni and Nancy Bondurant
Roger and Suzanne Russo
David and Kirby Sheridan
Jim and Tracy Bombenger
Cynthia and Seth Kupferman
Meri Clark-Nurich

Maple $1 – $99
Barbara Johnson
David & Ann Thomas
Isabel Gray
Amy Kawar
Katie Stoudemire Vogel
Kirk Battle
Sam Luck-Leonard
Bob & Pat Goodwin
The Pickus Family
Mary Hipp
Mary Ann Hansen
The Kessinger Family
Meri McGlorin
Shephard and Margaretta Hurwitz
Sandra Hayes and John Highsmith
Jace Bright
Sara Gerall
Avery McGaha
Brenden Franklin
Theo Nuss
Andy Peterson
Jason Maraveyias
Isaac Chelminski
Kyle Anderson
Dillon Glass
Cierra Duncan
Nathan Hunnicutt
Olivia Smith

Special thanks to the following individuals and families who donated to the Grow With Us campaign this year!
Mr. & Mrs. Trudi Abel
Joshua Aikens
Brett and Jodi Barker
Michael K
Joel Becker
Athena Beldecos
Carroll Belser
Emily Puckette and John Benson
Rachael Bergmann
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bishop
The Blankenship Family
Cameron Blazer
Lucy Brown
David and Katy Bundy
Clark Caulbourn
Adam Searing and Mimi Chapman
Guy & Karen Clerici
The Colbert Family Fund – Coastal Community Foundation
The Conlon Family
The Corey Family
Clark Coulbourn
Cierra Duncan
Charles and Caroline Edwards
Chuck Edwards
Laine Elliott
Dane Everitt
Matthew and Brigette Fogleman
Matt Fogleman
The Fried Family
Nancy & Matthew Galimi – Honor Properties, LLC
Sarah N. Ganrude
Timothy & Jenifer Gelorme
Sara Gerall
Corrie Gladstein
J.C. Good, Jr.
John & Elizabeth Griffiths
Megan Halperin
Will Hand
The Hardy Family
Stephen & Katherine Harper
John Harris
Anne Harrison
Danielle and Christian Hartley
Amanda and Nathan Hedrick
Ms. Jennie Hill
The Hollar Family
Laura Hoxworth
Anne Izard & Stephen Mead, Jr.
Barbara Johnson & Lily Timmer
Edith Kahn
The Kawar Family
Samantha J Keebler
Gwyndlyn and Steven Krause
The Lepage Family
Thu and Aaron Lesher
Aaron & Diem-Thu Lesher
Robin Levine
Margaret Bailey and David Levine
The Levinson Family
Bronwyn Llewellyn
Ian Lorberfeld
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Maraveyias
Jonathan Mauney
Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDonald
The Anchors-Medina Family
Susan and Zack Moore
Catherine Myers-Wood
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Jennifer Oursler
Christopher Paul
Lisle Pearman
Stephen Pearman
The Petsolt Family
Lisa Manning – Piedmont Trust Company
Rebecca Pope
The Powell Family
L. Richardson Preyer, III
Rich & Marilyn Preyer
Maria and David Rein
The Drs. Renfro
Pauline Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Roghelia
Leila Ross
Amanda A Ruehlen
The Russo-Ove Family
Anna Ruth
Jason Savage
Smita and Steve Sawyer
Stephen M Schenck
Alexander L Schenck
Michael Schenck
The Schenck Family Conservancy – Community Foundation of WNC
Catherine Schenck
Sally Scruggs
Adam Searing
Kartik Sethuraman
Beth Settle
Rebecca L Shareff
The Schaffer Family
David & Kirby Sheridan
The Evans-Sills Family
Natalie and Doug Smith
Maria C Solitario
Thomas Keys & Courtney Eley Somers
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Soss
Chelsea Sunshine
Christyn Renfroe and Jay Taylor
Ben Taylor
The Thomas Family
The Utterback Family
Mrs. Elaine Vong & Mr. Gregory Salton
Sarah Whitmire
The Willard Family
John & Ashley Wilson – Schwab Charitable
The Wimmer Family
Lori Winfield
Ross Winston
Gen Wood
Kathleen N Worm
Mrs. Martha Yeargin