Hi, we're Rachel and Phil

Farm Managers

Rachel and Phil arrived at GRP in the spring of 2013 as our new resident farm couple. Their combined talents with farming, animal husbandry, music, cooking, creative arts, and all things camp have enhanced the farm far beyond our expectations. It is so exciting to be with them and campers for a day on the farm.

A Texas native, Rachel Meriwether grew up as a camper and then a staff member at Camp Waldemar, a girl’s camp, in the Hill Country of Texas. Her father, a pediatrician, was also the camp doctor there for many summers. Rachel spent several summers working at other camps in Texas and feels she is a true camp girl at heart. While in graduate school at Auburn University, Rachel met her partner in life, Phil McGlyhn. Rachel has a master’s degree in sustainable agriculture and feels her dream has come true to be at a farm in a camp. In addition to GRP, Rachel also serves an agriculture professor at nearby Blue Ridge Community College. When Rachel is not farming or teaching, she loves to cook, be creative, and hang out with Phil and their dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, ducks, and chickens.

Phil grew up wandering in the woods and creeks of the South; fishing, camping, and exploring nature at every possible opportunity.  In his early years he discovered a family history full of musicians and, as told to him by his mother, was musical himself even as a small child.  This love of music and his interest in family heritage led him to begin exploring the rich musical culture of Appalachia.  He continues to play the banjo, mandolin, guitar, and fiddle as well as give music lessons.  He is eager to spread the joy of music to all ages. 

In his early twenties his love of the outdoors saw him taking jobs in the landscaping industry and his love of working with the land has only grown from there.  In 2009 he and his partner, Rachel, started a small market garden in Alabama, selling to local markets and restaurants.  They together discovered their dream of becoming full time farmers upon making the decision to move to North Carolina and finding Green River Preserve.  He is happy to now be part of the GRP family and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for home grown food and traditional music!