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Green River Preserve is a non-competitive, coed summer camp connecting children with nature. Located on a 3,400 acre private wildlife preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, this extraordinary natural setting inspires campers to have a greater understanding of themselves, their environment, and their fellow man. Designed for bright, curious, and creative children, our program nurtures character development and fosters skills like perseverance, curiosity, communication, optimism, creativity, and GRIT.

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Harriet Lowe - ACA Magazine Editor-in-Chief

“Once again I want to write and thank you and the entire staff of GRP for providing Corbin with such an extraordinary camp experience…Everything you hope will happen did—he expressed compassion and confidence—pure joy and excitement—and I think he came away with all those 21st century skills we hear so much about…You always send  home a boy to us who is better than the one we dropped off… I’m so grateful that I know what I know about camp and that we can do this for him—and that we are giving him the camp experience that is perfect for him.”

Lindsey - Former Camper & Staffer

“I remember the very first day when my parents dropped me off I wasn’t so sure about the whole camp thing…My Mom still to this day talks about, “How she cried when I dropped her off, and cried when I picked her up” because I didn’t want to leave…It’s just had such a wonderful, wonderful impact on my life."

Maddie - GRP Camper

“I love Green River Preserve because there’s a sense of security and you’re never afraid to be who you really are. And you don’t have to hide yourself from other people because everyone is just trying to be who they are and we’re all kind of accepting of each other…it’s a safe haven.”

Hayne Beattie-Gray

“This camp focuses so beautifully on the natural world and our interactions within it. I grew up going to summer camps in Western NC and this one breaks the mold of traditional camps… Here, campers go on daily three hour  morning hikes with naturalists on the vast and varied property that borders the DuPont State Forest. From composting to respect circles to non-competitive camp-wide evening games to gregarious sing-a-longs and birds of the day, this camp leaves nothing behind in its mission to challenge creative children to continue on their exploration of their surroundings and reflect on those explorations.”

Hawk Hurst - GRP Senior Mentor

“One of the things that I think Green River Preserve offers young people is just a natural serenity. I think we all recognize the world that we live in; there’s a lot of confusion, chaos, noise, pollution, and out here in Green River we’re breathing clean air, it’s quiet, there’s no noise pollution, the water is pure. And just what we do: playing games, running, having fun, being silly, just letting kids be kids…But I think the thing that makes Green River Preserve the most unique is it really enhances each child’s ability to find that inner creativity, that inner knowing and wisdom, and that inner beauty that’s inside them…”

Beth Posner - GRP Parent

“Our kids have loved GRP for all of these years, but more importantly, we have really felt that their experiences at camp have had a significant impact on their love of nature, self-confidence, concern for environmental causes, sense of independence, leadership skills, and deep appreciation for the importance of being a member of a community of shared values.”  

Sophia - GRP Camper

GRP is my favorite camp and it’s really fun because you get to just be yourself and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Mitchell - GRP Camper

“This is the best camp I have ever attended; my counselors were very funny, nice, and appreciative of me being there…I learned a lot and did things like zip lining and cave exploring that I haven’t had the chance to experience before…I enjoyed this experience so much that I was barely homesick and almost didn’t want to leave.”

Emma - GRP Camper

“I’ll be honest, I make closer friends in 18 days…than I do at home in 5 years. And it’s just so beautiful, the trees, and all the beautiful plants, and all the beautiful hikes we do to. I love everything about it.”

Julie Nestler - GRP Parent

“What can I say other than…thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Aspen’s summer! Thank you so much for giving Aspen an experience of a life time.  We arrived home late last night from camp after having spent a full day in the area due to Aspen not wanting to leave.  She was beaming all day and night from her experience at GRP.”

Haley - GRP Parent

“There were a lot of camps to choose from in this area…But Green River Preserve provides an experience that I see as summer enrichment, that provides my children with a way to really get in touch with nature and learn about botany, entomology, flora & fauna, here in the mountains of North Carolina.”

Owen - GRP Parent

“I appreciate the wholesome atmosphere the kids are in here at the GRP…Kids learn to appreciate nature, not as simply a place to recreate, as a place to ride your mountain bike, or a place to climb up a rock, but more so as a place that contains a whole community of plants and animals all interacting in such a way that they’re all part of the mix and they’re all to be appreciated from the tiniest ant to the biggest black bear…”