Activities & Environmental Programs

Mentor hikes

mentor hike

The signature of Green River Preserve’s program is the mentor hike. Led by mentor naturalists, campers explore forests, streams, and hidden valleys of the Preserve. Filled with adventure, discovery, and a heightened appreciation of the natural world, campers learn to use all of their senses as they play under waterfalls, crawl into caves, explore archeological sites, track wildlife, and taste edible plants.

Every day brings a different adventure for campers exploring the different eco-systems of the Preserve. A hike by the river may be a stroll where campers hunt for salamanders, try wild edibles, stalk turkey, and wade in the chilly waters of the Green River. The next day may bring a hike to Long Rock and the Cave where campers stand atop the mountain along the Eastern Continental Divide and then travel within the earth so explore the geologic history of the area. Another day may result in a hike out of base camp on the Bear Trail playing Cherokee games or seeking defunct moonshine stills and Native American artifacts.

Mentor hikes allow children time to explore while simultaneously rewarding curiosity and wonder. Through self-directed and discovery-based learning, mentors facilitate a sense of belonging for children in the outdoors. Campers are encouraged to unplug, slow down, observe, and connect with the world around them.

Afternoon Activities

Growing up in an increasingly competitive and stressful world, we think it’s important for our campers to learn healthy and rewarding ways to spend their free time. As a result, campers learn skills that they can use for life. Campers are provided with excellent equipment and quality instruction in an environment that respects and nurtures each child’s abilities.

Campers select afternoon activities prior to arriving at camp using their CampInTouch account. Campers should list their activities in order on their Activity Preference form. Depending on the session and/or our staff skills, these activities may vary. All activities are open to all campers except for Trail Running (only available during session 2, 3, 4), Advanced Theatre, GRP Wheels (see session/age restrictions below).


Advanced Theatre

The Advanced Theater program allows campers to expand their creativity and dig deeper into the world of the theater during Sessions 2, 3, and 4. Campers who choose Advanced Theater as one of their preferences will have two activity blocks of theater every day and will be committed to one theater GLP day. Each day, Theater campers will have one available afternoon block for other activity preferences.

GRP Wheels

Continuing the GRP mentor hike tradition, program participants enjoy mentor “bikes” in the morning, during which the bike mentor capitalizes on teachable moments such as trailside repair and trail ethics, as well as navigation, plant ID and the natural history of the Green River Valley. With our location bordering Dupont State Forest, our campers have access to one of the premier trail systems in the Southeast.

Putting on bike helmet

Bike Group

The Bike Shop

Campers who indicate GRP Wheels as one of their activity preferences are scheduled for morning Mentor Bikes on at least half of their Mentor Hike days (weather permitting). Campers must be rising 5th through 9th graders and must have some biking experience. An additional packing list will be sent to these campers. All campers should plan to use camp bicycles for insurance purposes.

GRP Wheels will be available during sessions 2, 3, and 4. GRP Wheels campers have three afternoon activity blocks to explore other interests. GRP Wheels campers may opt to take the Mountain Biking afternoon activity but are not required to do so.