Kiran’s Story

Ever wonder what the camp is like for a camper?

Meet Kiran Malde. He’s a member of the GRP family who let us follow him during his session. Follow along so you can get a taste of what life is like at camp.

Kiran MaldeKiran Malde

Opening Day

Kiran arrived at camp with his mom, dad, and brother (who is also a GRP camper). His counselor met him at their car to help load up his belonging to take to the cabin.

Kiran loading his trunk to take to the cabinKiran loading his trunk to take to the cabin

Kiran is in Little Tree 1 this session.

Kiran's cabin is Little Tree 1Kiran's cabin is Little Tree 1

While Kiran’s parents make his bed, his counselor goes over the schedule for the day.

Kiran settling into his cabin.Kiran settling into his cabin.

Kiran is meeting some of his cabin mates for the first time.

Kiran meeting his cabin matesKiran meeting his cabin mates

Check In

Every camper checks in with their parents (or guardian) to make sure all of their forms are complete and turned in. Stopping by the camp store is a must – here you can get the newest GRP t-shirt and pick up anything you may have forgotten.

Checking in with the nurse

Kiran is heading to the lodge for check in

The latest GRP t-shirt at the camp store

It is time for parents to leave and camp to really begin!

Kiran with his brother Luca and dad.Kiran with his brother Luca and dad.

Camp Tour, Respect Circle, Field Games, and Swim Review

field games

Kiran in the field game circle

Kiran gets a lice check

Kiran at the respect circle saying, Kiran at the respect circle saying, "I will respect."
Once Kiran’s parents depart, his cabin counselors take Little Tree 1 on a tour of base camp. He learns about all the important places like where classes are, where to meet to take the busses for mentor hikes, and where meals are served as well as get a lice check at the Health Hut. Then when the bell rings, everyone heads to the gazebo to participate in the Respect Circle. Each camp session opens with the Respect Circle led by Anne and Steve. All campers are given the opportunity to agree to “respect themselves, respect each other, and respect all living things” while they are part of the Green River Preserve community. The Respect Circle sets the stage for a NO DISCOUNT ZONE community for the campers.

Kiran getting ready to start the swim reviewKiran getting ready to start the swim review

Dinner, Evening Program, and Bed

Singing the dinner blessingSinging the dinner blessing

Dinner is the first meal Kiran and his fellow campers will have at camp. Before heading in to eat, campers are taught the evening blessing. Prior to every meal, the campers sing a blessing on the deck and then are called in by cabin to their tables. Every meal is served family style.

First night's dinnerFirst night's dinner

After dinner announcements, Kiran and his cabin mates stop by their cabin to grab a jacket and their crazy creeks. Tonight’s Evening Program is the Lower Council Fire. It is a chance to learn camp songs, hear great stories, and settle into the week at GRP.

guitar by fire

campfire 3

boys backs

Day Two through Four – Mentor Hikes

Every morning at camp, the bell signals to Kiran and his cabinmates that it is time to start the day. Breakfast is full of delicious food, “bird of the day”, camp announcements, and meeting with your mentor group. At the meeting, Kiran learns where he will hike and what he needs to pack in his day pack.

Kiran meeting with his mentor groupKiran meeting with his mentor group

Campers will head to their cabins after breakfast to clean for inspection and get ready for their hikes. The bell will ring to let them know it is time to head to the backfield to meet their mentor groups. Here, the groups will either walk out or ride the bus to their hiking locations.
Mentor hikes are lead by naturalist. They take the campers to caves, rivers, waterfalls, and more! Campers are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and engage with nature.

Kiran riding the bus

Heading to the bus

Riding the bus

Kiran's group exploring Hemlock Field

Kiran's mentor group at Hemlock Field

Exploring 2


Exploring the cave

Cave talk before entering the cave

Long Rock

Upper Bald

Polar Bearing

Interesting plants

Exploring 3

Day Two through Four – Afternoon Activities

After the mentor hike, Kiran returns to camp and heads straight to lunch. After eating a satisfying meal, mentors give a brief report to what each group saw during the morning adventure. Maybe someone saw a Grand Slam animal?! Did someone polar bear? During lunch announcements, the Cabin Fairy visits to give a report on which cabins were clean, and which cabins need a little extra work. The campers head back to their cabins for rest hour. It is a time to read, relax, or write a letter. When the bell rings, it is time to head to activities! Arts and crafts, climbing, pottery, canoeing – the choices are endless!!

BB skeet

Pottery 3

Pottery 2

Potter 1

Drum class 1

Drum 2

Drum 3


Climbing 1

Climb 2

Cimbing 3

Day Two through Four – Evening Programs

Every night, Kiran along with the rest of camp will participate in an evening program. Programs could include Capture the Flag, Predator Prey, Lower Council Fire, and Talent Show (just to name a few). Before campers return to their cabins, the entire camp links arms to sing “Sisters, Brothers.”

Predator Prey 1

Predator Prey 2

Predator Prey 3

Final Night – Upper Council Fire

The last night of camp is special because the entire camp walks quietly to the upper council fire to participate in one final campfire before the end of camp. This is when Kiran will place his “Spirit Stone” he has chosen and painted. After songs and stories are told, the campers and staff head to the lake to sing and for the candlelight ceremony.

Spirit Stone

Spirit Stone 2

Spirit Stone 3


Closing Day

It is time to head home! We will miss you and hope to see you next summer.