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One Week Session

The one week base camp sessions are designed as a starter camp for first time campers in the rising 2nd through 6th grades. The one week session is an excellent confidence builder and introduction to summer camp with over half of the campers being brand new to GRP. It follows the basic camp program outline with morning mentor hikes around the Preserve and a selection of up to 24 afternoon activities. Council Fires, Predator Prey, a Variety Show, and Pirate Night provide an introduction to camp-wide evening programs.  

Two Week Session

The two week camp sessions are designed for rising 3rd through 8th graders. The two week session is a natural progression for one-week campers or beginning campers. These sessions offer a good balance of morning mentor hikes on the Preserve, a selection of up to 24 afternoon activities, and other specialized programming including advanced theater and mountain biking options.

In addition, two week campers plan and participate in a three-day, two-night backpacking trip on the Preserve. There are two Group Learning Project (GLP) Days which are daylong, in-depth extensions of camp activities. GLPs allow campers to explore a specific skill set or interest. GLP days include hiking in DuPont State Forest, Mountain Biking, canoeing at Cascade Lake, fly fishing on the Green River, learning primitive skills and crafts at the Pioneer Cabin, exploring the Carl Sandburg home, geocaching, and as well as many more.     

Evening programs highlight the camp session with the following activities as campfires, games (Capture the Flag and Predator Prey), a variety show, an Appalachian Shindig (contra dance), staff hunt, Pirate Night, and many more.

Three Week Session

The three week session is the penultimate Green River Preserve Base Camp experience.  The three week session is designed for rising 5th through 9th graders who are both new to and veterans of GRP.  The unique, close-knit community bonding of the three week session makes it extremely popular for our campers and they return to it year after year. Campers leave this session appreciating their own inner growth and maturity, truly feeling they are “their best me at GRP.”

Advanced hikes on the Preserve as well as up to 24 afternoon activities are offered during the first two weeks of the session. More time for specialized programming—advanced theater and mountain biking—is also available. Additional time is spent on campout planning, Leave no Trace Ethics, and the session campout to ensure a memorable experience. Three week campers also experience unique evening programs including Coffee House, Fourth of July Extravaganza, Long Rock Sunset, and Science Fair.

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In the final week of the three week session, campers embark on “The Three Week Journey,” a week full of Group Learning Projects, Dupont Day, and a sunrise exploration. Highlights of some of the three week Group Learning Projects may include day trips to neighboring lands including Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest, mountain biking, canoeing on Cascade Lake, rock climbing, creek stompin’ for salamanders, fly fishing, geocaching, learning pioneer skills and crafts, drawing and painting and many more.

Arrival and Departure


Arrival Day

Check in for Base Camp is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

During this time, your child will…

For the safety of all campers and their families, please…

Departure Day

Check out for Base Camp is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Your camper’s luggage will be in the Back Field (the same place you came for Opening Day). Remember to take home all items—including your child’s laundry bag!

Go to the Pottery Studio to check out, settle your child’s Camp Store account and pick up any art work your camper may have made. You have the option of donating any unused Camp Store dollars to the Green River Preserve Annual Fund. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Finally be sure to check the Lost & Found outside the Pottery Studio for any familiar items.

All the same guidelines listed above under “For the safety of our campers…” for Opening Day apply to Closing Day as well.

Travel by Air

For Base Camp, TBX, and BRX, campers may fly into either Asheville, NC (AVL) or Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP). Airline reservations should be made well in advance and paid for by parents. Please fill out the Transportation Form in your camper’s CampInTouch account at least two weeks prior to your child’s arrival.

It is preferable that flights arrive and depart between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. on opening and closing days. Campers are encouraged to have a carry on bag with a change of clothes, towel, swimsuit, and toiletry articles. A camp staff member, wearing a Green River Preserve polo shirt, will assist campers and provide transportation to and from the airport on opening and closing days.

GRP recommends sending your camper with a cell phone as they travel in case of emergency. Be sure to program the camp number 828.698.8828 into it. Cell phones for campers who travel by air will be kept securely in the office until Closing Day.

Any changes to pick up or drop off location will be communicated to parents via phone or email.

A staff member will email the parent to notify him or her that the child has arrived safely and/or departed safely.

_Please note that most airlines require children ages 6 to 12 who are flying without an accompanying adult to fly with the designation of “Unaccompanied Minor.” Every airline’s rules are unique and we recommend utilizing this service for the safety of your child.

Shipping Luggage or Trunks

If your child is flying to camp, it is easiest to have trunks shipped to camp. UPS or FedEx are the most effective ways of handling shipping luggage. Our shipping address is Green River Preserve, 301 Green River Road, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718. To ensure luggage is present on opening day, it is wise to send luggage or trunks to camp a week to ten days prior to your child’s arrival. At the end of the session, if desired, Green River Preserve can ship trunks COD to the home address. To expedite this, please send all shipping information to our Office Manager. Please indicate specifically which pieces of luggage are to be shipped. You may also prearrange to have your trunk returned by the same service you use to send it to camp. In that case, preprinted return address labels from the shipper should be left with the Office Manager.


Camp Store Fees

Campers can “charge” purchases against their credit line. Parents set the credit line amount on their camper’s CampIn Touch Store Charge Authorization Form prior to opening day. (See the Forms section of your camper’s account.) The recommended camp store credit line of $50.00 per week is assigned to campers whenever parents are unavailable or do not make their wishes known. Campers should not bring cash to camp. Camp store accounts should be settled when picking up your camper.

Medical Fees

Parents are responsible for all camper medical fees. Any medical bills incurred during the program will be billed, whenever possible, directly to the parent’s insurance carrier. A medical form and proof of health and accident insurance coverage are required for admission. A camp nurse or one of the directors will communicate with parents by phone in the event of a significant illness or injury.



Packages and Mail at Camp

All campers love to receive mail from family and friends, so write often! Campers are encouraged to write home at least once per session. Each session our counselors send a letter to parents about their camper. We ask you not to send commercial packages to your camper. It can lead to unintended competition within the cabin group and sometimes even hurt feelings. Please limit packages to the basic necessities for camp and reading books. Food in our cabins may attract critters including rodents and bugs. We reserve the right to return, at your expense, any food or candy sent in violation of this rule.

Camper’s name
Green River Preserve
301 Green River Road
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

Our email policy is an extension of our effort to slow our campers down. While emails are convenient for parents, too many emails may lead to homesickness, so we ask that you please use snail mail. We welcome emails to the Program Director regarding your camper.

Visitation Policy and Phone Calls

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When a camper leaves home, he or she needs to be allowed the space to develop his or her own personality. Therefore we discourage phone and visitation interruptions from parents or relatives during the camp session. Our office gladly accepts phone calls from parents interested in their child’s progress at camp. We can arrange for your child’s counselor to call you with a progress report. Children should not be called during a session except in the case of emergency.

Medical and Dietary Information

Health Hut

Our infirmary is staffed with a registered nurse and medical assistant throughout the summer. They screen minor complaints and provide first aid as well as monitor the safety and cleanliness of the cabins and other facilities. Advanced medical care is available at local physicians’ offices, Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville, and Transylvania Hospital in Brevard.

Medication Administration

Campers who take medications will bring them to Opening Day. Parents will package medications in blister pack according to the time of administration. These are individually labeled during each session’s Opening Day. Other medications including liquids, inhalers, creams and ointments are also individually labeled and secured with health care staff. This system is designed to improve the efficiency  and safety of administering medication at camp and allows camp nurses to have more time to devote to the well-being of the campers.

Meals, Allergies, and Dietary Restrictions


Meals are hearty, delicious and kid-friendly. Breakfast entrees are supplemented with a fruit and yogurt bar. Lunch and and dinner are complimented with a salad bar and a sunbutter and jelly option. A vegetarian entree is available at all meals and reasonable accommodations may be made for campers with food allergies. A chalkboard displayed in the Dining Lodge lists all the items on the menu as well as any common allergens found in each dish.

Campers who have dietary restrictions or allergies should plan to supplement meals with personal food.  Personal food must be checked in to the Kitchen.  Due to the number of children with severe nut allergies, Green River Preserve strives to be a nut-free community.  Products containing peanuts or tree nuts are not allowed in the Dining Lodge or Kitchen. Please call the camp office at 828-698-8828 if you have questions about meals, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

Common Questions

Birthdays at camp

We feel that birthdays are very special and we will enjoy celebrating them with your child. Homemade goodies are prepared by our cooks, so please do not send baked goods or sweets. Counselors will enjoy decorating the cabin with balloons and crepe paper. We welcome any additional table or cabin decorations.

Cabin Assignments

Cabin assignments are made according to age and grade level to ensure compatible levels of maturity. We recognize that there may be reasons for exceptions to this policy, such as maturity beyond, or not up to, a camper’s chronological age. Where such is the case, parents should inform us prior to the time of enrollment so that proper cabin assignments can be made. The directors reserve the right to make the final decision on cabin assignments.

We cannot guarantee placement in any particular cabin. Campers frequently want to be in the same cabin as a friend. We are glad to honor such requests when mutual, provided the campers are of the same grade and age and the assignment does not result in an excessive number of campers from the same city. The request should be made on the camper’s application.

If a cabin request cannot be honored, it may be possible to pair children in mentor groups. The mentor group is a camper’s core group during the session and he/she will spend each morning between breakfast and lunch exploring the Preserve with this peer group.

What to Pack (see Parent Handbook)

We play a lot at Green River. We will get wet and dirty. Sometimes it is hot; sometimes it gets cool, even cold. We want our campers to be comfortable and equipped, so we recommend bringing durable and inexpensive clothes. A packing list is available on your CampIn Touch page or you can download them here:

1-Week Packing List

2 & 3-Week Packing List

Blue Ridge Packing List

Outer Banks Packing List

Trailblazers Expeditions

Western Expeditions

We have partnered with Everything Summer Camp to make many of the summer camp items available to parents. For Expeditions, we have partnered with Diamond Brand Outdoors.


A professional cleaner provides laundry service for two week and three week campers. Laundry service is not available for one week campers. Nevertheless, clothes are sometimes stained or lost. Please do not send new or valuable clothes or clothes that will bleed. Laundry fees are included in the tuition.

Green River Preserve Camp Representative Program

Often camper families and friends ask us one of these questions:

Become a GRP Representative! A GRP Rep helps other families discover a wonderful summer experience for their children. The work is enjoyable and the rewards are significant. If you feel this is something you would like to pursue, please contact